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The White House has stood by President Joe Biden’s characterization of India, Japan, Russia, and China as ‘xenophobic’ nations, juxtaposing them with the United States as a country that embraces and values immigrants.

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The White House has reiterated its support for President Joe Biden’s remarks characterizing India, Japan, Russia, and China as ‘xenophobic’ nations, while underscoring the United States as a nation that celebrates its immigrant heritage. Biden emphasized the vital role of being a country of immigrants in fortifying the nation and fostering strong relationships with its allies.White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden’s remarks were intended to convey a broader message. She underscored that America’s allies and partners are fully aware of the deep respect that this administration holds for them.

“Undoubtedly, our relationship with India and Japan is robust. Over the past three years, the President has dedicated significant attention to nurturing these diplomatic ties,” Jean-Pierre remarked.

Joe Biden attributes China and India’s economic challenges to ‘xenophobia,’ stating, ‘They don’t want…

During a Democratic Party fundraiser address on Wednesday, Joe Biden expressed, “This election centers on freedom, America, and democracy. That’s why I greatly rely on your support. You see, one of the key factors driving our economic growth is you and many others. Why? Because we embrace immigrants.”

“We observe — the rationale — consider it. Why is China facing such significant economic stagnation? Why is Japan encountering difficulties? Why is Russia? Why is India? It’s because they harbor xenophobic attitudes. They are resistant to immigrants,” Biden stated.

Joe Biden recently addressed the protests by US college students concerning the Gaza conflict. Biden welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a State visit last year, while Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made an official visit to the White House in April.

‘Nostradamus’ predicts that Joe Biden will emerge victorious in the US Presidential Election of 2024. Despite facing criticism from opponents and the Republican Party over his immigration policies, which have seen a significant influx of illegal immigrants into the United States each month, Biden has actively sought to cultivate extensive economic and political ties with nations like Japan and India. These efforts are aimed at countering the global influence of China and Russia.

Immigration has emerged as a pivotal issue in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for November 5, where Joe Biden will contend against former President Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

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