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Sahil Khan is an Indian actor, fitness entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Born on November 5, 1976, in Kolkata, India, Sahil Khan gained prominence for his role in the Bollywood movie “Style” (2001) and its sequel “Xcuse Me” (2003). He is also known for his work in films like “Aladdin” (2009) and “Ramaa: The Saviour” (2010).

Sahil Khan’s personal life has been marked by significant events. He married Negar Khan on September 21, 2003. However, their marriage ended in divorce in July 2005. In 2024, Sahil Khan remarried, this time to his 21-year-old girlfriend Milena from Belarus. This union represents a new chapter in his personal life, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

sahil khan

Apart from his acting career, Sahil Khan is renowned for his dedication to fitness and bodybuilding. He has been a source of inspiration for many fitness enthusiasts in India and has often been referred to as the “Indian Fitness Icon”. Sahil Khan has also ventured into the fitness industry by launching his own chain of gyms called “Muscle ‘n’ Beach Gym”.

Regarding his personal life, Sahil Khan has been married twice. His first marriage was to Negar Khan, an Iranian-Norwegian actress, in September 2004. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2005. Sahil Khan then got married to Ayesha Shroff, the wife of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, in 2021. Their wedding ceremony was held in June 2021 in an intimate ceremony attended by close family and friends.

Throughout his career, Sahil Khan has faced various controversies and legal battles, including allegations of involvement in a steroid racket, which he has vehemently denied. Despite the ups and downs, he continues to maintain a significant presence on social media platforms, where he shares his fitness journey, lifestyle, and motivational content with his followers.

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