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Paul Skenes

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Paul Skenes

The wait for Paul Skenes is finally almost over.

The most anticipated pitching prospect of his generation made his big league debut against the Cubs at PNC Park on Saturday afternoon. Here is all the info about his debut.

Paul Skenes

What number will Skenes wear?

Skenes will wear No. 30. He wore 20 with LSU last year, but the Pirates retired that number in 1972 for Pie Traynor.

How old is Skenes?

Skenes was born on May 29, 2002. He will become just the third Pirates pitcher to start a game before his 22nd birthday in the Wild Card era (since 1995), joining Roansy Contreras (September 29, 2021) and Sean Burnett (May 30, 2004).

Paul Skenes

Skenes is considered such a big deal because of his exceptional pitching talent. Very few pitchers possess the ability to consistently throw pitches at speeds up to 102 mph, especially starters. His impressive fastball velocity is just one aspect of his pitching arsenal; he also boasts a diverse repertoire of five pitches, all of which he can use effectively to generate swings and misses from opposing batters.

In the words of Dewey Robinson, a longtime pitching coach and Pirates special advisor on pitching development, Skenes is a rare talent that emerges only once in a decade.

It seems like there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Paul Skenes’ debut with the Pirates. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to learn more about:

1. Skenes getting called up to Pirates: Details about the moment Skenes received the call-up to the major leagues.

2. Why the Pirates believe now is the right time for Skenes: Insights into the decision-making process behind Skenes’ promotion to the big leagues.

3. Leadoff hitter in Skenes and Strasburg debuts? The same former MVP: Possibly a comparison between Skenes’ debut and that of former MVP Stephen Strasburg.

4. An inside look at Skenes’ arsenal: Detailed analysis of the pitches in Skenes’ pitching repertoire and how he uses them effectively.

5. Is Skenes the best pitching prospect ever?: Discussion about where Skenes ranks among the all-time best pitching prospects in MLB history.

6. The making of a ‘one in a decade’ kind of pitcher: Insights into Skenes’ journey and what sets him apart as a once-in-a-decade talent.

7. MLB’s top pitching prospect can crush dingers too: Possibly a glimpse into Skenes’ offensive abilities as well.

8. Get to know Paul Skenes: A profile piece delving into Skenes’ background, personality, and journey to the major leagues.

9. Highlights: Clips or descriptions of notable moments from Skenes’ career leading up to his debut.

10. Rankings: Where Skenes stands in various MLB and Pirates prospect rankings.

Paul Skenes

Given Paul Skenes’ recent workload and the Pirates’ cautious approach to his development, it’s unlikely that he’ll pitch for an extended duration in his debut. While the Pirates haven’t disclosed a specific pitch count, Skenes recently threw a maximum of 75 pitches over six innings in a start on April 30. Considering the careful management of his workload leading up to his debut, it’s reasonable to expect him to be on a similar pitch limit, perhaps in the range of 80-something pitches over six innings. However, this projection is contingent on how the game unfolds and whether Skenes performs without any issues.

Paul Skenes boasts an impressive arsenal on the mound, featuring a triple-digit fastball, a devastating slider, and refined secondary pitches like a curveball and changeup developed during his time in Triple-A. Additionally, he’s introduced a new pitch called the “splinker,” which combines elements of a splitter and a sinker. Standing at 6-foot-6 and weighing 235 pounds, Skenes presents an imposing figure on the mound, leveraging his athleticism and background as a former catcher to maintain consistency in his delivery and command the strike zone effectively. With his exceptional talent and well-rounded skill set, he’s poised to make a significant impact as a frontline starter for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Paul Skenes

Yes, the plan is for Paul Skenes to slot right into the rotation and pitch every fifth day for the Pittsburgh Pirates. While his Major League-ready stuff was apparent from the start, the transition from college to professional baseball involves adjustments, particularly in terms of pitching frequency. In college, pitchers typically start once a week, whereas in the majors, they pitch every fifth day. The Pirates have been methodically preparing Skenes for this transition, gradually acclimating him to pitching on a five-day rotation. With his recent successful outings on four days’ rest, Skenes is demonstrating readiness to take on this role in the big leagues. Manager Derek Shelton sees this as another step in Skenes’ development process, ensuring he’s fully prepared to contribute at the highest level.

Paul Skenes’ player comparison draws a parallel to Stephen Strasburg, whose Major League debut was similarly highly anticipated. Strasburg made a significant impact with the Washington Nationals upon his arrival in 2010, and Skenes is expected to generate a similar level of excitement and anticipation with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Additionally, Skenes’ potential and skill set invite comparisons to other top pitching prospects in baseball history, further highlighting the level of anticipation surrounding his debut.  Paul Skenes

Paul Skenes was born in Fullerton, California, and attended El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California. Prior to being drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Skenes spent the first two years of his collegiate career at the Air Force Academy before transferring to LSU ahead of his junior year.

The Pirates acquired Skenes by selecting him with the first overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. This selection came as a result of the Pirates winning the inaugural Draft lottery, positioning them to choose Skenes as their top pick. Paul Skenes

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