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Paro de taxistas // Taxi Drivers’ Strike ( colombia )

Taxi Drivers' Strike

Paro de taxistas

“On Tuesday, May 14, the capital will witness a fresh wave of demonstrations organized by the taxi drivers’ union. Once again, drivers are rallying against digital platforms offering individual transportation services.

 Paro de taxistas Taxi Drivers' Strike

While some union members have pledged not to disclose the exact gathering points to prevent significant police interventions, two prominent locations have been identified for the protest.”


As per current information, the taxi drivers’ strike in Bogotá is set to commence at 10 a.m. at the National Park, serving as the primary assembly point. Subsequently, drivers will proceed to Plaza de Bolívar, initiating a march on foot from there.


The taxi drivers’ union in Bogotá announced this day of protest on May 6 during a meeting of some of its representatives. They convened to address the challenges encountered by taxi drivers in Bogotá.

Since May 6, representatives of dissatisfied taxi drivers have announced a new cessation of activities in the city of Bogotá for May 14. The sole reason behind this measure is the lack of action by local authorities to address the illegality in individual public transportation.

Taxi Drivers' Strike

In a video disseminated through social media, three taxi representatives expressed their concern about this situation and delivered a message to their colleagues throughout the city, as well as to Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán. One of the representatives stated:


“Today, Monday, May 6, several colleagues gathered here in the city of Bogotá. We announce, for May 14, cessation of activities in the city of Bogotá. One reason, gentlemen, the government’s negligence against illegality.”


“We are going on strike on May 14, gentlemen, all united because we are tired of so much illegality,” added a taxi driver who was present at the meeting. Paro de taxistas


Meanwhile, Hugo Ospina, leader of the taxi drivers in the country’s capital, stated that the problem is the lack of measures to regulate the transportation service provided by private vehicles. He also spoke out against other modes of transportation such as motorcycles and bicycle taxis. Paro de taxistas


“Colleague taxi drivers who see us gathered here from various places, from all districts of Bogotá, we ask the mayor urgently and immediately to apply traffic and transportation regulations against private vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycle taxis that are causing harm to citizens. Long live the strike on May 14,” said representative Hugo Ospina.


Local authorities have established special measures for the taxi drivers’ strike day. The District Mobility Secretariat announced a special security deployment to ensure tranquility during the demonstrations.


Among the measures announced by the District is the deployment of a thousand officials to guarantee “the right to protest, and to ensure that mobility is not affected.” Additionally, a Unified Command Post (UCP) will be set up to closely monitor the demonstrations. Paro de taxistas


“The Secretariat of Government, through its team of the Sub-Secretariat for Governance and Guarantee of Rights, is prepared, as well as the entities that are part of risk management in the city, such as the Secretariats of Security and Mobility, and their traffic teams, the Metropolitan Police – MEBOG, Idiger, Fire Department, among other stakeholders, to address the cessation of activities announced by the taxi drivers’ union,” they said in a statement. Paro de taxistas

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