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murder in mahim

Jerry Pinto’s novel “Murder in Mahim,” published in 2017, arrived just a year before the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to read down Section 377, thereby decriminalizing homosexuality. This noir murder mystery provided a gritty yet compassionate exploration of gay life within Mumbai’s underbelly. Now, seven years later, the novel has been adapted into a web series available on JioCinema.

Murder in Mahim

Directed by Raj Acharya and adapted by Mustafa Neemuchwala and Udai Singh Pawar, the series benefits from hindsight. It presents a nuanced portrayal of the repression, ignorance, and homophobia that fueled draconian laws like Section 377. Released in a slightly more liberal era, the series has the opportunity to adopt a more virtuous and didactic tone, reflecting on the changes in societal attitudes towards LGBTQ+ issues.

Murder in Mahim

“Murder in Mahim” begins with a stark and literal scene, setting the tone for the straightforward and utilitarian filmmaking style that director Raj Acharya predominantly employs. The story kicks off in the male public urinals of Mahim station, where a mutilated body is discovered.

Murder in Mahim

The victim, identified as a young gay sex worker, is soon followed by another sex worker found dead under similar circumstances. Both victims share a gruesome detail: their kidneys have been forcibly removed. Adding to the complexity, the killer, shrouded in anonymity with a hood, leaves blatant clues indicating their next target. This prompts the involvement of Shiva Jende (played by Vijay Raaz), an expert in the field, who, alongside assistant sub-inspector Firdaus (portrayed by Shivani Raghuvanshi), reluctantly immerses himself in the investigation.

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