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Dr. Richard Johnson, the Robeson County Medical Examiner, revealed to the local ABC affiliate that he was present at Lumbee River State Park on April 27, assisting the on-call medical examiner. It was during this time and location that the body of 30-year-old Mica Miller was discovered. Mica Miller was the wife of John-Paul Miller, who serves as the pastor of Solid Rock Church located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mica Miller

Speculation surrounding Mica’s death intensified once it was revealed that her husband, John-Paul Miller, had initially characterized it as a suicide. However, Mica’s friends and family raised doubts and voiced concerns about the circumstances surrounding her death.

One of Mica’s friends shared insights into their recent conversations, mentioning plans for her to attend church and seek assistance with her car payment, indicating her intentions to move forward with her life. This perspective cast doubt on the notion that Mica had taken her own life.

Furthermore, online records indicated that Mica and John-Paul were undergoing divorce proceedings, adding another layer of complexity to the situation and potentially shedding light on the context of her death.  Mica miller

During the weekend following Mica’s death, two separate memorials were held simultaneously to commemorate her life. One memorial was organized by her husband, while the other was arranged by her friends, reflecting the divisions among those close to her.

Police documents revealed disturbing details about Mica’s state of mind in the month leading up to her death. According to these documents, Mica expressed fear for her life, indicating that she believed someone was actively monitoring her. She reported instances of being followed and watched, as well as incidents involving her tires being deflated and receiving persistent harassing phone calls. Additionally, a mechanic reportedly discovered a tracking device affixed to her car, heightening concerns about her safety and suggesting a potential motive behind the surveillance and harassment she experienced.

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