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little kitty big city

Little Kitty, Big City puts players behind the paws (and toe beans) of an adorable black cat in a city reminiscent of Tokyo’s residential areas. After falling high from the comfort of their home’s window, the unnamed feline finds itself on the city’s streets below. With one thing on their mind – returning home to the perfect spot for a nap – this cat goes on its biggest adventure yet. Admittedly, Little Kitty, Bit City didn’t need to do much to impress me. I love cats, and it immediately nails why I and other cat lovers enjoy these furry friends. But developer Double Dagger Studio also created a cute and funny exploration of our world through a cat’s eyes that doubles as a delightful puzzle game.Little Kitty, Big City

Immediately, “Little Kitty, Big City” springs to life with a visual style that blends traditional animation with anime, creating an immersive experience akin to being wrapped in a warm blanket. Controlling the titular cat is a delight, thanks to mechanics perfectly suited for a game of this nature. Instead of sprinting, the cat unleashes its “zoomies” with the press of LB on the Xbox controller.

Little Kitty, Big City Review

The triggers allow for swiping left and right, ideal for knocking objects off ledges. Holding the A button enables jumping with precision, useful for catching birds or reaching new heights, while holding Y brings up a wheel of emotes for actions like a “Biiiiig Stretch,” nap, or a scary face. Discovering new endearing mechanics or collectibles, such as wearable hats reminiscent of real-life cats, felt like a frequent occurrence, adding to the allure of exploring the city beyond the main path.

The main questline offers just as much enjoyment, introducing you to a variety of charming animal characters. From a duck who frequently loses its ducklings to a crow with an obsession for shiny objects, each encounter is filled with humorous dialogue and engaging bite-sized quests. Helping out new friends never feels like a chore, thanks to the simplicity of the tasks: explore the area using clues or a map, locate the necessary items, and return them. While these quests may seem like fetch quests, none of them require more than 10 minutes to complete. Moreover, because “Little Kitty, Big City” actively encourages exploration, I often stumbled upon new discoveries that piqued my interest along the way.

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