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1. Road Warriors: The Cavaliers broke their playoff road game curse with a convincing win at TD Garden, proving they can perform under pressure away from home.


2. Century Mark: After struggling to surpass 100 points in previous games, the Cavaliers showcased their offensive prowess by hitting the century mark, signaling a shift in momentum.

3. Resilience: Despite facing criticism and low expectations after Game 1, the Cavaliers demonstrated resilience by bouncing back with a commanding performance in Game 2.

4. Series Equalizer: With the series now tied at 1-1, the Cavaliers have effectively reset the playing field, setting the stage for an intense battle as the series moves to Cleveland.

5. Game Changer: LeBron James and the Cavaliers proved that they cannot be counted out, reminding everyone of their ability to adapt and thrive in high-stakes situations.

Donovan Mitchell’s strategic approach in Game 2 highlighted his versatility and leadership on the court. Despite a relatively quiet first half, Mitchell focused on facilitating his teammates’ involvement while absorbing defensive pressure from the Celtics. This enabled players like Evan Mobley, Isaac Okoro, and Caris LeVert to step up and contribute offensively.

However, Mitchell recognized the pivotal moments when he needed to assert himself as a scorer. In the third quarter, he ignited the Cavaliers’ offense with a flurry of points, including crucial 3-pointers. His scoring outburst propelled Cleveland to a 36-point period, setting the tone for their eventual victory.

By the end of the game, Mitchell’s scoring prowess was evident as he tallied 29 points, joining elite company alongside LeBron James in consecutive games with 25+ points. Furthermore, his impact extended beyond scoring, as reflected in his positive plus-minus rating throughout the series.

Mitchell’s ability to adapt his game and elevate his performance when needed underscores his importance to the Cavaliers’ success. As the series progresses, his contributions will be crucial in determining Cleveland’s fortunes on the court.

Evan Mobley’s performance in Game 2 showcased his resilience and ability to step up when needed. Despite facing criticism for his offensive output in previous postseason games, Mobley remained focused and determined to contribute to his team’s success.

In the fourth quarter of Game 2, Mobley ignited a crucial 10-0 run for the Cavaliers with five consecutive baskets, showcasing his scoring ability and providing a much-needed spark for his team. This performance boosted his confidence and set the stage for his impactful performance in Game 2.

Building on his momentum from Game 1, Mobley continued to excel on both ends of the court in Game 2. His early scoring outburst, including a rare 3-pointer, helped the Cavaliers establish dominance in the paint and set the tone for the game.

Mobley’s success can be attributed to his diligent film study and preparation, as well as his teammates’ recognition of mismatches and opportunities to involve him in the offense. As a key contributor to Cleveland’s victory in Game 2, Mobley’s performance underscores his importance to the team’s playoff aspirations.

The Celtics‘ performance in Game 2 fell short of expectations and left both fans and analysts questioning their readiness for playoff success. After a disappointing start against a Cleveland team that was underestimated by many, the Celtics once again failed to deliver when it mattered most.

Several key factors contributed to their downfall. Boston struggled on the boards, allowing Cleveland to dominate the rebounding battle. They also struggled with their shooting efficiency, both from beyond the arc and in the paint. None of the starters managed to shoot even 50% from the field, highlighting the team’s offensive struggles.

The lack of urgency was palpable throughout the game, and fans began leaving the arena well before the final buzzer, expressing their frustration with the team’s performance. Coach Joe Mazzulla acknowledged that the loss could be attributed to a combination of tactical errors and lack of effort from the players.

Jaylen Brown characterized the team’s performance as “unacceptable,” emphasizing the need for improvement moving forward. As the series heads to Cleveland for Game 3, the Celtics must regroup and address their deficiencies to avoid falling further behind in the series.

Caris LeVert’s history of standout performances at Boston’s TD Garden continued in Game 2 of the series against the Celtics. Throughout his NBA career, LeVert has demonstrated his scoring prowess on the parquet floor, delivering some of his most explosive games against the Celtics.

In March 2020, while playing for the Brooklyn Nets, LeVert achieved a career-high 51 points against Boston. Then, in October 2022, after joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, he scored 41 points against the same team. Remarkably, these performances stand out among his other notable scoring achievements, with only two other instances of scoring 40 or more points against other opponents in different arenas.

Despite being relatively new to the Cavaliers, having arrived in a trade from the Indiana Pacers in February 2022, LeVert has quickly become a valuable asset for the team. While he started slowly in Game 1 of the series, contributing only four points, he played a crucial role in the Game 2 victory, scoring 21 points off the bench in just 27 minutes of play. LeVert’s ability to score without relying on three-pointers, instead focusing on cutting and creating opportunities, adds versatility to Cleveland’s offense.

Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff praised LeVert’s willingness to sacrifice for the team’s success and highlighted his unique playing style, characterized by an elusive “off-beat wiggle” that makes him difficult for defenders to contain. Additionally, Bickerstaff noted LeVert’s knack for making timely passes that catch opposing defenses off guard.

LeVert himself emphasized the team’s collective effort to support Donovan Mitchell and underscored their commitment to continue contributing in upcoming games. As the series progresses, LeVert’s scoring prowess and versatility will likely remain crucial factors for the Cavaliers’ success.

Before the game commenced, Coach Bickerstaff of the Cavaliers offered high praise to the Celtics, lauding their team ethos and selflessness on the court. He commended their commitment to winning and their players’ understanding of their roles within the team structure. From his perspective, the Celtics played with a collective mindset, prioritizing team success over individual accolades. This sentiment appeared genuine, almost resembling a concession speech rather than an assessment of a single game in a series.

However, by the end of the game, Bickerstaff found himself offering similar accolades to his own team, the Cavaliers. He commended their execution of the game plan and their ability to defend effectively, noting that their style of play translated well to any venue. The coach emphasized that when their defensive efforts were complemented by successful shooting, the Cavaliers could compete and win against any opponent.

Looking ahead to Game 3 at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Bickerstaff reiterated the team’s singular focus on winning playoff games. He emphasized the importance of this collective goal and the players’ willingness to sacrifice for each other. For the Cavaliers, there was no other agenda than securing victories in the playoffs and avoiding disappointment among themselves. With this mindset, they prepared to face the Celtics in what promised to be a competitive series.

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