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The X7 epitomizes the quintessential essence of a BMW SUV, presenting an unparalleled blend of sophistication and functionality. It promises an unparalleled experience, seamlessly combining the expansive capacity and convenience expected of a three-row SUV with cutting-edge technology and luxurious amenities. With its recent mid-cycle refresh, the X7 further elevates its offerings, setting new standards in its class.

One might wonder, amidst these enhancements, how the X7 manages to preserve its renowned driving dynamics, a hallmark trait synonymous with the iconic blue and white propeller emblem adorning its bonnet.

In its 2023 iteration, the BMW X7 embraces a distinctive styling approach, notably characterized by its split headlamp design. According to BMW, this design choice serves to distinguish its premier offerings from the rest of the lineup. While this aesthetic flourish resonates seamlessly with the design ethos of the new 7 Series, which was inherently crafted to embody this distinct look, some may argue that the impact is slightly diminished when applied to the X7.

Undoubtedly, the X7 still commands attention, as one would expect from a vehicle of its caliber. However, the juxtaposition of the gleaming grille against the less intricately sculpted bodywork may result in a somewhat discordant visual impression.

Additionally, the 2023 BMW X7 exudes a palpable sense of aggression, courtesy of the newly introduced blacked-out sections integrated into the bumpers, featuring functional intakes. This bold design choice extends seamlessly to the sides, where the 21-inch M Sport wheels make a striking statement with their sleek and athletic appearance.

Moreover, the deliberate widening of the bodywork from below the glass area onwards lends the X7 a resolute stance, amplifying its presence on the road. This meticulous attention to detail imbues the X7 with a fusion of style and functionality, reaffirming its position as a formidable contender in the realm of large, practical SUVs.

The subtly refreshed rear section of the X7 emerges as its most captivating aspect in our assessment. The expansive lighting elements have undergone a gentle revision to accommodate the new 3D L-shaped light signature, imparting a contemporary flair to the design. Complementing this update is a more assertive bumper design accentuated by robust exhaust tips, enhancing the SUV’s sporty demeanor.

Retaining its distinctive split-boot lid design, the X7 continues to offer practicality alongside its aesthetic appeal. This feature proves its worth by providing ample space for small bags even with all rows upright. Moreover, the convenience of powered functions simplifies the process of folding down the third row, facilitating the transportation of larger items with ease.

The 2023 BMW X7’s updated interiors seamlessly adhere to the contemporary design language evident in recent BMW models. The focal point of the interior transformation is the introduction of the new curved iDrive 8 display, comprising a generous 14.9-inch central touchscreen complemented by a 12.3-inch driver’s display. This cutting-edge setup integrates harmoniously with the existing layout of the X7, injecting a fresh, modern allure into the opulent cabin.

While the dashboard design bears a striking resemblance to its counterpart in the X5, it’s worth noting that this similarity ensures a level of refinement consistent with the X7’s premium positioning. Every detail exudes luxury, from the supple surfaces to the meticulously crafted metallic and crystalline accents, as well as the textured wood elements. These materials, combined with BMW’s hallmark solid build quality, culminate in an interior that exemplifies sophistication and elegance, setting a benchmark for its class.

Similarly observed in the X5, the redesigned vent arrangement in the 2023 BMW X7 contributes to a sense of minimalism that harmonizes with the updated screen configuration. However, the execution of the new vent controls leaves room for improvement, lacking the tactile feedback characteristic of the surrounding switchgear. Despite this minor drawback, the arrowhead light motifs accompanying the vents, while somewhat pronounced, synergize seamlessly with the ambient cabin lighting, particularly in dimly lit conditions.

Continuing with its smartphone-inspired widget-based layouts, the iDrive 8 system in the 2023 BMW X7 offers a familiar user experience. While navigating through menus and climate controls may feel slightly convoluted in this iteration, the forthcoming iDrive 8.5 update promises improvements that will eventually be rolled out to these SUVs via software updates. Nevertheless, the current setup, featuring rotary dials and hard buttons for major menus, remains the most refined interpretation of this operating system to date.

Practicality is a key focus in the X7’s interior design. Despite some minor limitations such as small spaces in the central tunnel, the vehicle compensates with deep door pockets and strategically positioned cup holders, ensuring convenience and ease of use for occupants.

The true value of investing in the X7 over its smaller sibling, the X5, becomes evident when experiencing the second-row accommodations. In the top xDrive40d M Sport variant, configured as a six-seater, the captain seats redefine comfort with their plush cushioning and excellent support all around. Notably, the bolstering strikes a perfect balance, offering comfort to occupants of varying body types.


Generous knee and legroom abound, complemented by ample headroom, even with the presence of a sunroof. Furthermore, the seats feature a substantial recline capability, facilitating effortless relaxation and making impromptu naps a delightful possibility.

Coming from a background of enjoying well-equipped mainstream vehicles, we couldn’t help but notice the absence of seat ventilation function and thigh rests in the X7, which left us yearning for a touch more luxury. However, beyond these minor omissions, the X7 graciously caters to second-row occupants with a wealth of amenities.

Each passenger benefits from full powered adjustment, motorized sunblind and sunroof controls, ensuring personalized comfort and convenience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a four-zone climate control system adds to the overall refinement of the cabin environment.

While the overall experience is commendable, we did find the placement of the cupholders somewhat inconvenient, detracting slightly from the otherwise seamless user experience. Nevertheless, the abundance of charge ports throughout the cabin ensures that connectivity remains uncompromised.

The third-row occupants of the BMW X7 are afforded a level of comfort and convenience that rivals the experience in the first two rows. While ingress and egress may pose a slight challenge due to the second-row seats not folding away completely, the powered movement feature mitigates this inconvenience, ensuring a hassle-free entry.

Once settled in the third row, adults will find sufficient room, albeit with some compromises in thigh support and legroom, particularly for taller passengers. However, the softly cushioned and thoughtfully designed seatbacks partially alleviate these concerns. Nonetheless, the space is ideally suited for accommodating children comfortably.

BMW leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that third-row passengers enjoy a premium experience. A notable highlight is the provision of a separate, smaller sunroof exclusively for this row, indulging our collective obsession with panoramic views. Additionally, a dedicated climate zone, along with meticulously arranged charge ports and storage compartments, further enhance the convenience and comfort of occupants in the rear-most seats.


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