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Anna University where is anna university

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                                           where is anna university


Anna University is a leading technical university located in Tamil Nadu, India. This university is specially situated in the field of technical education and research. Below are some of the main aspects of the history of Anna University:


Anna University was started on 4 September 1978, when Tamil Nadu state Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran established it under Madras University. This university was built with the aim of combining major technical institutions like Madras Institute of Technology (MIT) and College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG).


In 1982, Anna University was granted autonomy and was recognized as a separate university. After this, it showed progress in its activities and development


Growth and Development

Anna University has established several branches and centers during its development, such as School of Architecture and Planning, Center for Biotechnology, Center for Water Resources, and Center for Aerospace Research.

Campus and Department

Anna University’s major campuses are in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Tirunelveli, and Madurai. Apart from this, its various departments also contribute to technical education and research on local stars.

Technical Education and Research

Anna University is famous in the field of technical education and research. It strives to impart technical knowledge and wisdom to diverse students and especially plays a vital role in the technological development of Tamil Nadu and India. Anna University has made immense contributions in the fields of technical education, research, and social development during its development. Through this, many eminent engineers, scientists, and technical experts have become who have made great contributions to the country and society

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