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Akash Anand BSP 1

Akash Anand

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati said on Tuesday that her nephew  has been removed as the national coordinator of the party and as her successor “in the larger interest of the party

Akash Anand

Mayawati took to the microblogging site X to announce the development. “I declared  as the national coordinator of BSP and my successor, but in the larger interest of the party and the movement, he is being separated from both these important responsibilities until he attains full maturity,” she tweeted.

Akash Anand

Headline: BSP Chief Mayawati Removes Nephew from Party Roles, Cites Party’s Interest

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati announced the removal of her nephew  from his positions within the party, citing the party’s larger interests. Mayawati revealed the decision via a post on the microblogging site X, stating that  roles as the national coordinator of BSP and her successor are being relinquished until he attains full maturity.

Mayawati emphasized that  father, will continue to fulfill his responsibilities within the party and the movement. She reiterated the BSP’s commitment to making sacrifices for the party and advancing the legacy of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar.

The decision follows a recent incident where  along with four others, faced a Model Code of Conduct violation case for allegedly using objectionable language during a poll rally in Sitapur. At the rally,  criticized the government, likening it to a “bulldozer government” and accusing it of neglecting youth and mistreating the elderly.

The BSP leader’s statement underscores the party’s dedication to upholding its values while navigating through political challenges.

Title: BSP Leader  Accuses BJP of Corruption, Criticizes State Government’s Security Failures

During a rally in Sitapur, BSP’s national coordinator launched scathing criticism against the BJP, accusing them of corruption and highlighting the state government’s failure in ensuring the safety of women and children.  referenced a National Crime Records Bureau report indicating 16,000 kidnapping incidents in the state, alleging the government’s incompetence in addressing security concerns.

Furthermore,  targeted the BJP, labeling them as a party of thieves who allegedly received ₹16,000 crore through electoral bonds. These remarks were made within the context of ongoing political campaigns.

As a consequence of his speech, a case was registered against , along with BSP candidates Mahendra Yadav, Shyam Awasthi, and Akshay Kalra, as well as rally organizer Vikas Rajvanshi, by Superintendent of Police (Sitapur) Chakresh Mishra. Mishra stated that Anand’s speech was aimed at inciting violence and contained unparliamentary language, thus violating the Model Code of Conduct.

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